Drops Personalized Necklace
Drops Personalized Necklace

Drops Personalized Necklace

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Description: Sophistiqué's customizable drop necklace with laser engraved personalized names on each drop. Can be customizes with up to 3 names.


  • Chain: 18 karat full gold (yellow)
  • Pendant: Drop shaped 18 karat full gold (yellow)


  • Laser precision microscope welding, cutting and engraving

Locking system: Round gold locked to a gold hoop

Dimensions: Available in standard 40 cm, and 45 cm necklaces

Note: This is a customizable product. Please write in the "Engrave" field the text you want to engrave on the item. Start from the top name first and end with the bottom name, separated by comma (example: Diana, Maria, Manuella). If you wish to keep it plain (without engravement), keep this section empty.